We would like to thank The Edinburgh Alwaleed Centre and the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy for organising the Roman Catholic – Shi`i dialogue last night. We’d also like to thank Shiekh Shomali for citing his outlook on the necessity of facilitating Shi`i and Catholic dialogue in the outstanding discussion between him and the superb Dr Anthony O’Mahony. Some of the key facets of the Shiekh’s thoughts which emerged from the exchange was his statement that interfaith dialogue, dealings in the events and places of worship of those of other faiths [e.g. Churches, Synagogues] and fostering relations with people of other faiths is of paramount importance in our Dīn and is perfectly opportune a time to engage with others and prompt them towards a study of Islam, and prompt us to a study of their religion(s). Recently, Shi`ism has enjoyed excellent interrelations with Catholicism, we pray that this continues and that the outcome of it all be fruitful.