Our team at the Scottish Police Muslim Association’s Eid dinner, along with Mr Shabir Beg who, upon the request of the Edinburgh Ahlul Bayt Society, has very kindly accepted to assume the position of the charity’s patron. Insha’Allah, with his invaluable counsel and expertise, we hope to engage with all segments of the wider community, regardless of their culture, ethnicity or background, by the Will of Allah [swt] and with His Aid [swt], and we hope to strengthen our interrelations and solidarity so as to strive the best we can to improve the community’s socio-religious well-being in the political and social climate of today.

The esteemed organisers of the Eid function from the Scottish Police Muslim Association (SPMA) have our heartfelt gratitude for their cordially inviting us and for creating such a grand platform on which many of the Scottish Muslims, to whom we likewise owe our many thanks, came together in goodwill. We were privileged to have met the chief organiser and chairman Sgt Amar Shakoor and we are especially thankful to him. Indeed we were honoured to have engaged with, and been in the company of, such notable guests as Kenny MacAskill,Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf, Minister for External Affairs, Imam Khalid Latif, the Muslim Chaplain for the New York Police Department, Iain Livingston, Deputy Chief Constable for the Police of Scotland, Graeme Pearson, Labour (MSP) and many others. In sha Allah, we very much look forward to again meeting them, and also the SPMA and the respected attendees, and interacting with them all in the future.