Statement by Muslim Leaders

As Scotland moves to reopen Places of Worship for Individual Prayer, we support today’s decision made by the First Minister.

For many faith communities across Scotland who primarily use their Place of Worship for congregational prayer, there will be little change for them. Like other communities in similar situations, we will be exercising caution in opening our Places of Worship. We however wholeheartedly welcome and recognise the importance of this step for those faith communities whose customs allow Individual prayer in Places of Worship.

We look forward to continue working with all communities in keeping Scotland safe and encourage everyone to continue to observe the national guidelines.


Imam Razawi
Director General & Chief Imam of the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society

Shaykh Hassan Rabbani
Imam & Muslim Chaplain

Statement by Christian Faith Leaders

Today we listen to the latest update from the Scottish Government during which the First Minister talked about the reopening of Places of Worship for Individual Prayer. We recognise the importance of this step on the journey towards reopening our places of worship but acknowledge that not all faiths or communities will be able to take advantage of this relaxing of the regulations.

Those faith groups who have no tradition of opening their buildings for individual prayer wish to support those for who this is an important step, while those who rejoice in this decision understand the difficulties others have in visiting their places of worship.

We are confident that one day we will all be free to pray and worship and that now we continue to uphold the rules and regulations as we seek to be free from this virus.


Most Rev Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh

Most Rev Mark Strange, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Rev Dr George J Whyte, Principal Clerk of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland